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Simplicity Advantage

The system secures both your medications and supplies and seamlessly integrates with virtually any HL7 compliant hospital information system, antuomatically capturing dispensing, usage, and billage information.

Affordability Advantage

medDispense systems provide the safety and availability of an automated dispensing solution without extra bells and whistles that increase cost and complexity

Facility Advantage

MedDispense systems meet the needs of the medical community, providing an affordable solution to the problem of providing secure, around-the-clock access to medications.

Support Advantage

TouchPoint understands how important uptime is to keeping clinicians efficient. So that's why we've designed service programs tailored to help you do just that.

Space and Flexibility

medDispense automated dispensing system can be customized to optomize the available space without sacrificing features of capabilities. This flexibility enhances security, control and access in any facility.